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Skylight Financial Group’s Business Private Client Group can offer you specialized financial planning advice regardless of your business size, stage of development or industry.  We will work in partnership with you to make your life easier by freeing up your time and helping you secure your business.

Firstly, our business specialists will take the time to understand your business - from your operations to your long-term vision and goals - so that we fully understand your unique needs and provide you with smart solutions to address concerns such as: 

  • Have I the right benefits and retirement program for my employees so that I can retain and attract top talent?
  • Is my existing retirement plan adequately funded for me to maintain my lifestyle?
  • What plans should I have in place in the event that I am no longer able to run the business?
  • What succession planning should I be doing now to prepare for the future transition or exit from my business while minimizing the tax consequences?
  • How do I transition my business and still maintain it as a family concern?

SO What you can expect:

  • A personalized approach – each privately-held and family-owned business is unique. Through our comprehensive transition and business owner financial planning process, we will help you carefully align your personal values, business goals, resources and wealth management goals to help you protect the future of your business and maximize its value
  • Collaborative effort – our experienced team are supported by a range of advisory experts. We will work also with your CPA, business banker, investment banker, property and casualty specialist and attorney to ensure we have the right solutions for you
  • Continued support – we will form a close working relationship and work with you every step of the way to ensure your plan is properly implemented, maintained and regularly reviewed

Listen to Keven Prather of the Business Private Client Group talk about succession planning.




Whether you want to sell next year or want the assurance that you are on track to building a valuable asset for the future, the free and confidential Sellability Score will analyze for you just how "sellable" your business is.  The Sellability Score is an online questionnaire that will take less than 15 minutes to complete.  You'll immediately get a custom report with an overall Sellability Score out of 100 plus your score on the eight key drivers of Sellability which are statistically proven to increase the value of your business.

Please watch this short video to learn more about the Sellability Score and how we can help.

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