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Your career is going amazingly well and life is pretty hectic, to say the least.  There’s so many demands on you. So many things to squeeze into a day and time is a scarce commodity.  And in the midst of all this, somewhere at the back of your mind, you have concerns about your finances which you are struggling to find time to attend to.  Perhaps it’s concerns like “how am I going to balance the savings needs for my retirement and my children’s college education in the most tax efficient way?”, “I want to retire but how do I organize my assets to provide a pay check in retirement and still maintain my current lifestyle?”, “I am paying a significant amount in taxes every year due to bonus and stock incentive plans, what other strategies should I be utilizing to keep more money in my pocket?” or “are my group benefit plans adequate enough to protect my family in case of the unexpected?”

Our Team of Experienced Specialists Will Support and Guide You 

Our Executive Planning team, dedicated to helping Directors, V.P.s, Presidents and senior-level executives, are here to help you lighten your load and get a full handle on your finances.  More than ever, there’s great flexibility and choice with corporate benefits plans but that can often make decision-making more complex.  Our team has many years of experience working with corporate executives at large national companies and has an in-depth understanding of these benefit plans and how best to utilize them.  Our team will look at all aspects of your finances and educate and advise you on matters such as alternative retirement funding vehicles, gaps in your corporate benefits plan, how to maximize your assets and minimize taxes when exercising stock options and saving for college. 

The result will be a comprehensive financial plan that coordinates your personal assets with your company benefits so that you can live the life you deserve now and in retirement. 

SO What you can expect:

  • A personalized approach we will work with you to understand your particular circumstances and develop strategies based on what’s important to you now and in the future.  We will listen to you, build a personal relationship with you and pay you great care and attention.
  • Collaborative and comprehesive support – we will “quarterback” for you, coordinating planning efforts and tactics with attorneys, CPAs and other advisors.  We’ll ensure everything gets done and maximize your opportunities for financial growth. 
  • Continued support – we will meet with you every six months to review your situation and ensure everything’s on track.  Should your circumstances change, we’ll change right along with them to meet your goals. 

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