I’m not a wealthy person, is financial planning too expensive for me?

Skylight Financial Group is proud to provide financial advice and planning to people across all income levels. So whether you are a family, a high wealth individual or a business owner we will customize your plan and fee structure to accommodate your needs. There is no cost for an initial consultation, so affordability should never be an issue. Contact a financial planner today to discuss your ambitions and goals.

I’m young, healthy and unmarried. Do I need to think about financial planning already?

It’s never too soon to start planning. Financial planning will help you make well-informed decisions about how you allocate your money so that you can achieve your goals in life. One day you’ll wonder where time has gone, so it’s best to be prepared. Every individual has different needs and goals but retirement planning is something everyone should start planning for as soon as possible. Or perhaps, in these harsh economic times, you are more concerned about losing your job or being unable to work due to sickness or injury. You will want to make plans so that you can provide for yourself and not be a burden to your family. So whatever ambitions and goals you have, our personal approach to financial planning, will help you plan and prepare for what lies ahead.

I have a family member with special needs. Can you help me addresses the unique and complex challenges we are facing?

Yes, our team of certified special needs specialists are experienced with working with families and fully understand your unique needs and the challenges you face. We are particularly sensitive to the issues facing people with special needs as nearly all of our team have experience of individuals with specials needs within their own families. We will listen to your needs and concerns, help simplify issues and figure out a comprehensive financial plan for the entire life of your child. Click here for further information.

I am a member of the LGBT community. Can you provide knowledgeable advice which addresses the unique financial needs of LGBT individuals and families?

Yes, our experienced LGBT specialist team of financial planners understand the unique financial needs of LGBT individuals, couples and their families.We will work with you to help provide a cohesive, customized financial plan which will navigate your particular considerations. We can guide you through issues such as retirement, tax and estate planning and work around tax and legal restrictions. Click here for further information.

I’ve worked hard to build my business. Can you help me address the challenges of succession planning and designing a transition plan for my business?

Yes, our team of transition specialists are here to help you carefully plan for your eventual transition and/or exit from ownership or control. Our key focus will be to maximize the benefit you can realize for your business by protecting your assets, preparing for your lifetime wealth needs and retirement income, creating the infrastructure for effective value-enhancing transfer of control and ownership while minimizing the tax consequences. Click here for further information.

Now that you have helped me develop a financial plan, what next?

Once a financial plan is developed, we then provide ongoing monitoring of your plan to ensure your financial strategies stay on course. We will also adapt your financial plan in response to the ever-changing financial environment and to changes in your personal circumstances.

I’ve never worked with a financial planner before. What can I expect?

We start by closely working with you to identify your financial needs and objectives so that we can create a personalized financial plan.We will also ensure we implement strategies that are consistent with your goals by coordinating with your attorney, CPA or other professionals. We then provide ongoing monitoring of your plan to ensure your strategies stay on course. Click here to learn more about why you should consider Skylight Financial Group.

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