What You'll Do

You will make a real and tangible impact on lives

As a financial planner, you will be passionate about helping people, their families and businesses achieve their financial goals by offering comprehensive financial planning solutions. It’s about making a tangible impact so that your clients have sound financial strategies. So that they are confident about, not only their future, but the future of their families.

Our financial planners are very much part of the community and are involved in volunteering in a range of non-profit and charitable organizations. It’s about giving back to the community.

You will experience the independence of business ownership without being in business alone

As an entrepreneurial, independent business owner you will be able to set your own schedule, be creative and conduct business in a manner which is best suited to you and your clients. You will, however, never feel that you are in business alone as you will be part of a team who will offer extensive support in all areas of your practice.

You will form meaningful and lasting relationships

On a daily basis you will be meeting a wide range of interesting people and engaging at a personal level. Building relationships with these people will be vital to your success. Getting to know them in an in-depth way and letting them get to know you. You will want to understand what matters most to them in terms of their interests, goals and aspirations enabling you to make a genuine connection.

To find out more about what you’ll do, get the inside story in “A Typical Week in the Life of a Financial Planner”.

I joined Skylight Financial Group because of the opportunity to interact and engage clients in the financial planning process. I enjoy working with the team and take great pride in helping my clients recognize their current financial position and providing strategies to help meet future financial goals

- Daniel Greene – Financial Planner

I feel like I am making a difference in my clients’ lives. Skylight provides me with the resources and flexibility to properly serve my clients

- Ryan McKean - Firm DI and LTC Specialist

Apply now. Join us and help individuals and their families achieve sound financial strategies

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