A view from the inside: Lori talks about Skylight’s New Wellness Program


We recently spoke to Lori Lynn, Employee Benefit Consultant at LiveWell 1440, to get the lowdown on Skylight’s new Wellness Program which started earlier this year. 

Lori is a yoga instructor and a certified Reiki Practitioner and has worked as an Employee Benefits Consultant for 12 years.  Over the last few years she has been particularly focusing on Wellness and is currently working towards her certification for teaching Mindfulness (a form of meditation).

Now over to Lori:

Lori, why do you think it’s so important to invest in employee health?

I find that employers want their employees to be happy, motivated and feel good about themselves.  Improving their health really helps them do this. Evidence shows that 75% of all medical costs are associated with chronic diseases and lifestyle choices.  By investing in employee health, by educating and encouraging employees about changes they can make to their lifestyle, we can improve their health outcomes and overall happiness, while at the same time helping control healthcare costs.

Could you tell us about the Wellness Program and what initiatives you run?

We kicked off the Wellness Program with weekly lunch-time yoga classes which last 1 hour.  This is then followed by a half hour lunch to chill out and chat together.  It’s a great way for the participants to relax and let go of their stress.  Each Tuesday, we also have a walking group, where we walk for 40 minutes around the lovely Ohio City neighborhood.  This is all about staying active and getting bodies moving.  Aside from the physical benefits, it’s good fun and a really social activity.  And it’s great now that the weather is really nice!

Also, on the last Thursday of each month we have a Lunch and Learn.  This is an educational session and it’s really up to the employees to make suggestions about what they want to learn more about.  The last session, people brought along a healthy lunch.   We talked about the food, dissected it, read food labels so that people are better informed and can make better choices about what they eat.
Finally, during the year, we encourage employees to take a preventative care screening (the fee for which is covered under the healthcare reform) and then also to take other exams, such as dental or an eye check – really whatever exam is recommended for the person’s age and gender.  We offer a gift card to incentivize employees to participate.

How has the program being going so far?  What feedback have you received? 

I’ve received so much wonderful feedback and I can see the change in people myself.  At the end of yoga class, for instance, their faces have changed – they look so relaxed and chilled out!  One employee has come up to me very excited to tell me she has lost 10 pounds and never felt better.  I regularly hear that they can’t wait until Wellness Wednesday.  People have gained so much in terms of their awareness of health issues and have benefitted physically by exercising more.  All this while having fun!

Do you see the program developing?

For sure.  The program will definitely evolve over the next few years.  We’ll be adding extra challenges – team challenges, biggest improvements etc.  Also we will look at biometrics and goal setting for healthy lifestyle, for example, smoking cessation. 

What’s your top tip for staying fit and healthy?

The name of our company LiveWell 1440 comes from the fact that there are 1,440 minutes a day.  We like to think of it as your day and your minutes and how you use your time is up to you.  My advice is to take a deep breath, enjoy the moment, exercise and listen to your body!

Many thanks to Lori for taking the time to speak to us.


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