Accountability Is About People and Their Success


Brian Boyed, Director of Accountability in our Columbus Office, talks about how he is helping new financial planners to accomplish their goals and build a successful business.

Why is accountability important for a financial planner?

Accountability is important for all areas of your life - whether it’s your work or private life.  The reality is that we are all busy people and it’s too easy to get side tracked and you need some way to keep on track and hit your goals.  When you work for yourself, as our financial planners do, accountability is doubly important as you need to be able to manage your own time, juggle different priorities and learn to build a business. It’s very easy to get bogged down in admin work and be knocked back by the ups and downs of business and let negative thoughts affect your focus and performance.  You also need to be able to deal with the normal life distractions and responsibilities outside of work and keep a healthy balance.  So, there’s a lot going on, particularly for a financial planner starting out in the industry.

This is where the guidance and support of an Accountability Director, like myself, can really help.  I see my role as empowering our financial planners by helping them break down their goals, be resilient, stay positive, and learn to use their initiative.

Tell us more about your role and how it fits in?

I’m relatively new to this job (I started last November) and accountability is a core value that Skylight is committed to and wants to build on in the long term.  Not all firms offer this kind of support but Skylight sees it as complementary to its comprehensive support and training program which is the backbone of its results-driven work culture.

To date, I’ve been helping new financial planners who have started Skylight straight out of college.  I’ve been giving them guidance on how to break things done into meaningful goals and measurable metrics.  Typically, I facilitate them with managing their day – helping them identify what to focus on, how to manage their calendar, the geography of their client base and how to get more people through the sales process.  I also help them tackle challenges that they face and help them figure out a game plan.  It’s about getting them to own their activity and instil good practice and accountability right from the start and coaching them in the process.  But it’s more than that – it’s also about helping them to discover their potential and leading them to it.

What kind of response are you getting from the new financial planners?

The response has been really good.  It’s definitely made a difference and has helped them to accomplish their goals and move clients forward.  They have commented that it helps them to stay on track to achieve their outcomes, it eases their mind and helps them maintain a positive attitude.  Their feedback has also highlighted that my input has helped them to keep things simple, as sometimes on their own they risk over complicating issues. 

I’m building up good relationships with the new financial planners and meet with them a few times a week but they know there’s always an open-door policy if they are having a “bad” day.  I’m here to help as much as I can and I want to see them succeed. As I see it, when you help someone be accountable, then ultimately both parties benefit.  Their success is our success!

Thanks Brian for sharing with us.


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