Community Computer Alliance helps special needs community


The Community Computer Alliance (CCA) in Columbus, for which Ryan Flynn of Skylight is Vice President, has recently helped young adults with autism and other disabilities learn valuable skills to take right into the workforce. By taking unwanted, donated electronics, CCA engaged young adults in workforce development training - teaching them a wide range of skills from learning how to use a screwdriver or a power tool to how to work as a team and under supervision with other co-workers.  The repaired computers, printers, cell phones are then donated to other non-profit organizations in the community as part of CCA’s Outreach Program.

Ryan Flynn said, “This is another great example of CCA’s valuable contribution to our special needs community. It’s great to be involved in the Job Readiness Program where many individuals with autism and other disabilities learn real world skills which helps them eventually join the workforce. The CCA is a fantastic organization and over the last 3 years, I’ve learnt so much about e-waste and the special needs community. I have also had the pleasure of meeting and learning from some great people.”

Check out recent news coverage of CCA’s Job Readiness Program on 10 TV News.          

In addition to the Job Readiness and Outreach Program, CCA recycle items if they are unsalvageable and donates the proceeds. To learn more about CCA please visit their website.


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