Jennifer Radin’s Journey – Rising Through the Ranks at Skylight


Jennifer Radin, who has recently earned her SHRM-CP designation (Society for Human Resource Management), is set to move to a new role within Skylight.  Over the course of her 12-year history with Skylight, Jennifer has continually advanced and taken on new roles and responsibilities, but for the first time she will step down as assistant to the senior leadership team as she takes on new challenges.  We recently spoke to Jennifer about her journey and growing career at Skylight.

Did you start out your career with Skylight Financial Group?

Thanks, you flatter me, I’m not that young!  No, I worked for another financial services company prior to joining Skylight.  I was there for over four years and obtained my Series 6 licence, so I came to Skylight with an industry background.

Tell us a little about how you have progressed through Skylight up to your current role?

I started out as the President’s assistant and when it came to light that I was capable of doing more, my responsibilities were extended to contracting and licensing. My role then expanded so that I became the assistant and point person for the senior leadership team.  I stopped contracting in 2012 and progressed to work with Pam Smith (CFO) on HR matters.  Having no HR background, I was initially involved at an administrative level but over the last number of years, all human resources affairs have transitioned to me.  Over the same period, I became the firm’s primary contact for office facility issues and also managed various firm events.

What’s your new role and are you excited about it?

I’m going to be transitioning out of supporting the executive leadership team.  That’s a big change for me, but I’m excited!  I’ll continue to be responsible for HR and facilities, but will take on additional tasks surrounding events, and also start to work in the financial operations department in conjunction with Pam Smith.  Being practical, organized and mathematical are qualities that come naturally to me so I think I’m going to really thrive on this new challenge.

How has Skylight supported your development?

There’s been so much scope for development and it’s nice that I’ve gotten to take on different roles throughout the years. That has caused me to have gained a great breadth of knowledge and awareness of the business.  While Skylight is a smaller firm, there is definitely a culture of advancement.  Management are open to supporting and transitioning anyone with a track record of learning who can grow into the job and I’ve benefited from this.  It’s great that they are keen to keep their assets and cultivate talent and new skill sets.

Is this the dream job you had as a child?

Sorry to be boring but I never had a dream job!  I really didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career, so when I finished high school I decided to major in liberal studies at college. I knew I wanted a degree but had no particular specialty in mind.  I guess I kind of fell into a job in the financial industry and then discovered that I liked what I was doing, so I decided to stick with that industry and expand on areas in which I excelled, like customer service and operations.

 Is there something you’d like to learn more about? 

I definitely want to learn more about financials.

I also want to keep growing my HR knowledge.  I completed my SHRM-CP designation, as I wanted to take my HR knowledge to the next level, and I was delighted to pass the exam last July.  I’m now a member of the SHRM so I want to make the most of this opportunity by learning from and networking with other HR professionals and benefiting from continuing education.

Outside of work, what do you like to do to relax?

Anything that involves being outside with my dog!  My husband and I take every opportunity to hike in the Metroparks and I love working in my garden in the summer.  We also go to movies, enjoy dinners out with friends, and love taking advantage of local events in Cleveland, like the Cleveland Flea and The Hooley.

We rescued our dog from a shelter and have since started volunteering on weekends at a local shelter where we play with and walk the dogs.  I do what I can to advocate for rescuing animals and am involved in fundraising activities.  Want to buy a raffle ticket??

Thanks, Jennifer, for sharing with us and good luck in your new role!


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