Lunch and Learn in Memory of Yevgenia Baron Probst


Beth El – The Heights Synagogue is hosting a Lunch and Learn on Saturday May 17 to commemorate the life of Yevgenia Baron Probst, our dear and former colleague at Skylight Financial Group.  Amie Palffy of Skylight, who worked with Yevgenia, will be facilitating a discussion entitled “Leading by Example.”

Reflecting on the tremendous impact Yevgenia had on her life and the lives of others, Amie Palffy said, “I recall the first time I met Yevgenia. It was at the Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University for a career event. Normally these meetings last but a few minutes but with Yevgenia our discussion lasted quite long but time flew. I knew instantly she was a special person.  It was clear from the beginning she was about others first; a rare trait it seems in this day and age.  It was an exciting day for me when she joined Skylight Financial Group. Her presence alone brightened the room. She quickly gained the respect of her peers and the trust of her clients. Why? Because she is Yevgenia.”

If you are interested in attending the Lunch and Learn, further information can be found in the flyer


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