Meet Maggie Burns Skylight’s New Marketing Coordinator


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Yoga, cook, read, eat, spend time with friends and family

As a self-confessed “foodie” – what’s your top 3 foods and your favorite restaurant in Cleveland?

This is a very hard question.  I have a lot of favorite foods and restaurants - Greenhouse Tavern (chicken wings), Lola (beef cheek pierogi), Hodge’s (blue crab hushpuppies), Pura Vida (fish tacos), Cleveland Chop (ahi poke tacos) and Osteria (seafood risotto).

What’s your favorite thing about Cleveland?

Its food scene, its people, and its character – there’s something so unique about Cleveland that can’t be found anywhere else…it has its own vibe, very passionate and bold.  I’m always so proud to say I’m from here.

What’s your biggest achievement?

Working to coordinate the #AskCLE Social Media HQ for the Republican National Convention.  Even playing that small role in such a huge event was amazing.

Tell us something you know a lot about?

Pinterest, food, social media

Something you would like to learn more about?


Who do you most admire and why?

My dad and Walt Disney, both have taught me everything I know about working hard, living life to the fullest and following your dreams.

A little known or fun fact about you

I’m allergic to pork and lamb.  Weird, I know.

What are you looking forward to most about working at Skylight?

Working at Skylight offers so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have elsewhere.  Having such a small marketing department really allows me to see all aspects of the field.  Since I’ve started working here, no two days have been exactly the same and that’s what keeps it exciting.  Plus, the people here are all so great.  It’s a good feeling to be excited to go to work each day.

Check out the incredibly cute photo of Maggie and her "superhero" dad below!  Also Maggie enjoying her first Sofar Sounds event recently hosted at the #SkylightPenthouse and writing on the 'Before I Die' wall in Cleveland.


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