Meet Violette Robinson - Member of Skylight’s LGBT Resource Team


For Pride Month, we would like to introduce the different members of our LGBT Resource Team and find out why they are passionate about serving the LGBT community. Meet the first of our team – Violette Robinson, Associate and Financial Planner in our Cleveland office (pictured opposite, center, attending the HRC Gala).

1. What motivated you to specialise in LGBT financial planning?

I identify as queer, and I see how I, and many LGBTQ people, have internalized society's historic non-valuing of LGBTQ individuals which, in addition to barriers to jobs which LGBTQ people can face, can further limit what we see is possible for ourselves. I want to help people in my community expand their knowledge about basic and more complex long-term personal financial choices and be empowered in our own right to help bridge the wealth gap. I think it's important that people see other queer people represented in financial services.

2. What’s the most common financial concern you hear from your LGBT clients?

The most common financial concern I hear is how they can protect their partners and/or children given changing laws or an uncertain future, and help them with what they need to do from a legal perspective. Name and gender change questions are also a common concern. 

3. How do feel you can best serve your LGBT clients?

I can best serve my LGBT clients by providing a safe, understanding, open space for people to bring their full selves to the financial planning process throughout the changes in their lifetimes.  Also by listening to and validating their experiences, as a lot of our beliefs and behaviors around money are influenced by our families.  

4. Beyond financial planning, how do you integrate with and support the LGBT community and/or help in the fight for better understanding, inclusion and diversity?

I think first and foremost being honest and open about who I am (a very nuanced person!) helps build understanding. I also think that speaking up for and having conversations about human dignity in everyday conversations, regardless if the issue is sexuality, gender, race, ability, or otherwise, helps build understanding about each other.

5. Who in the LGBT community would you most like to meet – alive or dead (and why)?

Oh, wow there are so many amazing people I would love to meet. If I “have” to pick just one, it would be bell hooks - she has had a huge impact on feminist theory and how we think about intersectionality of oppression.



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