Olga Starr of Skylight attends Equality Ohio Stakeholder Summit


Financial planner Olga Starr, joined over 100 members of Ohio’s LGBT community and allies to represent Skylight Financial Group at the Equality Ohio stakeholder summit on Saturday February 20 in Columbus.  Speakers from the Human Rights Campaign, Equality Federation and OSU Coalition for Black Lives shared stories about their work in the community and with legislators to ensure that fairness and equal treatment become law of the land.


Olga,  who is a member of Skylight’s LGBT resource group and whose financial planning practice focuses on helping gay, lesbian and transgender individuals, couples and business owners navigate the uncertain world of taxes, benefits, estate and retirement planning, said “At the summit, it was heartbreaking for me to find out about the backlash after the marriage equality ruling last June. Dozens of discriminatory bills have been introduced across the nation in an attempt to take away what the Supreme Court has made legal nationwide. Many people in Ohio still don’t know that in our state it is perfectly legal to fire a person and deny them housing, services and public accommodations because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.  Our firm is committed to diversity and inclusion and we will continue to support efforts to protect against discrimination.”


“LGBT Ohioans face discrimination on many levels”, says Alana Jochum, managing director of Equality Ohio. “Nondiscrimination protection would prevent LGBT Ohioans from being judged on anything other than their job performance; it would allow all LGBT Ohioans the ability to obtain the housing of their choice and, it would allow LGBT Ohioans to be served equally at restaurants, movie theaters and hotels everywhere in the state.”


Skylight Financial Group proudly supports the LGBT community and has earned a perfect score on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. In 2015 Skylight became a gold sponsor of Equality Ohio, helping this organization continue their work to end discrimination in our state.


Olga is pictured opposite with the staff of Equality Ohio.


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