On his appointment to the Civil Service Commission, Dan Brennan talks passionately about community


When you are first introduced to Dan Brennan, Chief Marketing Officer at Skylight Financial Group, you quickly see that he’s a man of big stature and big personality. Yet it’s only as you spend more time with him that you start to fully appreciate that’s he also a man of big heart.  This big heart reveals itself in many ways but none more so than in his passion for his community which never seems to wane.  


Only several months ago, Dan extended his community commitments when he was appointed Board Member of the City of Cleveland Civil Service Commission.  When chatting about this with Dan you are left in no doubt as to the importance he attaches to the role of the Commission whose mission is to ensure qualifications, certify, and monitor the progress of personnel in the classified services for the City of Cleveland.


“Joining the board was an easy decision for me as it has always been important to me to participate where my knowledge and experience can aid an organization in meeting its mission.  With an organization like the Civil Service Commission, it’s extremely important to ensure that the taxpayers are being served by well qualified city employees.  Likewise, to attract and retain those qualified employees, it’s equally important they feel that the city’s obligations toward them are met.  This is something I take very, very seriously” explains Dan.


Dan, who will serve a six-year year term as part of this five-member board, is not new to public service having previously worked in law enforcement.  When asked if he views his previous experience as beneficial to this appointment, Dan responds, “I believe that having been a policeman and having actually been part of the public employee system, I can bring a unique perspective.  By the same token, it should not be assumed that with my experience, I bring personal biases to the decision process. Being a public employee can sometimes be a thankless job but it also requires high standards since it is with the public trust and taxes that their employment is made possible. “


Dan will add this new appointment to a long list of community organizations that he’s been involved in, spanning 40 years.  The range of organizations is quite diverse from Chairman of the University of Toledo, President of the Toledo Ballet Association to the Chairman of the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority in Toledo.  He also stepped up to serve as a board member and Co-Chairman of the Development Committee of Gay Games 9, quickly grasping what a big deal this was for Cleveland and how it would leave a positive legacy.  As current President of the Little Italy Redevelopment Corporation (where he lives), his dedication to this community is ever present. More recently he joined the board of The Music Settlement which is renowned for providing exceptional music education and a wonderful music therapy program for individuals with special needs in Cleveland.


He says, “I see community service as an obligation of every citizen and this is something I feel very passionate about.  I enjoy helping others in any way that I can.  In reality, not everyone is capable of giving of their time or resources, thus it is important for those who can, to do so.  Certainly not every request for participation can be met so I select my involvement based on my passion for the cause.”


As a firm believer that our community is what we make of it, Dan concludes “There is a wealth of knowledge, skills and abilities in our community and what our community accomplishes is directly related to the community’s ability and willingness to tap those resources.”

Thanks Dan for sharing with us!


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