Scott Rider: Beloved by Clients Throughout his Wonderful 30 Year Career


Scott Rider, beloved by clients and colleagues alike, has recently retired and is looking forward to a slower pace of life in South Carolina.  Throughout his career, Scott has been and continues to be the consummate example of integrity and hard work.  He built his business the right way by always putting the needs of his clients first – taking care of them, building relationships and by always being in front of them.  He treats all clients the same: big, little or in-between – you would never know the difference!

Below we hear from Scott, who recently won Skylight’s Lifetime Achievement Award, as he reflects on his career, what’s important in his life and his plans for the future. 

Also don't forget to the check out the video below featuring the highlights of Scott's 30 year career.

What’s been your greatest achievement in your 30 years in the financial services industry?

Making it 30 years!!   Financial planning is an important business but it can be a hard business.  Quite honestly, it only feels like yesterday when I started and I’ve always just wanted to survive.  You are always prospecting, looking over your shoulder at ways to grow your business and get better but the satisfaction you get from helping people makes it all worthwhile.  I’ve learned the most in the last 10 years of my career and a lot of this is down to my partner, Chris Reinke.

What do you see as the greatest change in the business during your career?

What’s the saying – old is the forever new.  In reality, most things have not changed.  Where there has been most change is in compliance and technology.  The compliance changes can have a massive impact on your business.  I see this as a double-edged sword – on one hand, it’s good as it protects the consumer but on the other hand, these changes can bring too much rigidity.  The technological changes, have mostly been good and have helped us enhance our business.

If you knew then what you now know, is there anything that you would have done differently in your career?

Well, I would have encouraged more clients to have taken out permanent life insurance earlier and I would have reached out to more friends and family earlier on in my career.  Also, I wish I had gone to law school – not that it would have changed my career choice but it would have been really helpful to have this foundation.  Then, there’s the matter of just being 2 courses short of getting my CHFC certification….

Who has inspired you most and why?

I find most of my inspiration through my faith and my family.  

If I was to pick an individual, it would be my father who had a career in MassMutual for 40 years but never got to see me succeed.  I admire how he succeeded so well in business.  He persevered in a tougher environment with limited product choice.  He just had one product to sell which is hard to imagine today!

Let’s assume you never entered, the financial industry, what was that one job you thought you wanted?

I never really had a passion for anything outside of financial planning.  I did toy with the idea of being a teacher but then right out of college I joined MassMutual as a financial planner.  However, funny enough I initially despised it and quit after 6 months and moved to selling photocopiers in Beverley Hills and Westwood.  It was only then that I came to the realization that if I could succeed at selling copiers, then I could succeed at anything.  It turned out that I had to experience what it was like to work for someone else before I could appreciate the joy of working for myself. 

Outside of work, what else is and has been important to you in life?

Most definitely my family – that’s my wife and 3 children.  Also, exercising has always been, and continues to be an important part of my life as I believe it has great physical and emotional benefits.  I’m battling Parkinson’s but I still try to exercise as much as I can. 

Tell us something that you are passionate about?

There’s two things.  Firstly, it’s my family.  I want to take care of them and help them reach their goals and dreams.

Secondly, I’m passionate about helping others with Parkinson’s.  Some people when they get the diagnosis give up and think it’s a death sentence. I want to be able to help people manage it and I want to get the message out there about the importance of owning disability insurance – and that goes well beyond my work or MassMutual.

Something you would like to learn more about?

Repairing and valuing vintage bicycles.  I guess this interest has come from a love of bicycles, having always cycled and from having a friend who collects Schwinn and Stingray bikes.  I feel like a cowboy on his horse when I’m cycling.  Interestingly enough, when I cycle my Parkinson’s tremors don’t present.

Any little known or fun fact about you?

In the last 3 ½ years I have cycled 9,050 miles

Do you have any plans as you move to the next stage of your life?

Yes, we are going to relocate to Beaufort, South Carolina.  The kids are coming too and we’ll build a home there.  It will be a big change as we’ll be leaving our family, friends and church but we like the community there.  It has a lovely climate and we are excited about the change of pace. 

I also plan to get more involved in my community and ramp up speaking and advocating for Parkinson’s and owning disability insurance.  Other than that, I’ll take care of my health and take one day at a time!

Thanks Scott for sharing with us and we wish you the very best in your retirement!

Check out the video below featuring the highlights of Scott's 30 year career.



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