Skylight awarded Music Settlement’s 2015 Corporate Partner of the Year


Skylight Financial Group is honoured to have receive the Music Settlement’s Corporate Partner of the Year award which was presented at its Annual Meeting on September 29.  The award recognizes Skylight’s commitment to expanding awareness of the Music Settlement to Ohio City and the west side region, for volunteerism to promote their mission and for sponsorship of its Arts for Us concert series which is designed for individuals with special needs and their families.

Paul Fox, President and CEO of Skylight, who picked up the award, said, “It’s a privilege to work in partnership with the Music Settlement who contribute enormously to the music culture in Cleveland.  It’s one of the largest schools of its kind in the US and it opens its arms to welcome students of all ages and abilities.  They run a wonderful music therapy program which has done so much to improve the quality of life of individual with special needs.  My own children were fortunate enough to attend their top class Early Childhood Program where they had a great time and developed a life-long interest in music.”

Paul added, “We are also delighted that some of the Arts for Us concerts have been held in the Bop Stop, a music venue that the Music Settlement has recently opened in Ohio City.  The Bop Stop has really added to the arts scene and brought a new energy to our neighbourhood.”

The Center of Music Therapy at the Music Settlement will be hosting its next Skylight-sponsored Arts for Us concert “Harp Unbridled” on October 11th at the Glick Recital Hall.  The concert will debut Ardis Billey who will enchant the audience with eclectic harp music crossing several centuries and styles. 

For further information the Music Settlement and the Arts for Us concert series please visit


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