Skylight Financial Group is on the move


Skylight will soon be leaving downtown Cleveland for Ohio City’s West 25th Street. The firm is to occupy the top floor of the historic United Bank Building and is to include a glass penthouse. The penthouse which is under development, will be set back so it won’t change the appearance of the historic building from the street, and will offer sweeping views of the neighborhood, downtown and Lake Erie.

Dan Brennan, Skylight’s chief marketing officer said “We are very excited about the move which is planned for April 2014. The firm is looking forward to contributing to the revitalization of this urban neighbourhood which has predominantly been an eating and entertainment area. We see this as an opportunity for us to stand out. We can bring additional vitality and more density to the business climate. There really hasn't been this size of a business entity locating in this area.”

Developer Ari Maron, principal with MRN said “These are guys that get cities and integrate themselves into the community. This is an anchor in every definition of what that word means for development. It’s an anchor economically. So it couldn’t be a better fit.”

Photos by: Clare Russell / City of Cleveland Photographic Bureau.

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