The Debt Free Guys To Present at Skylight Along with Our LGBT Resource Team


Husbands John Schneider and David Auten have known what it is like to live in a financial hole.  When they first met, they were both caught up in the gay culture and were splurging on fancy dinners, clubbing, designer clothes and vacations they couldn’t afford.  In their own words, “we had thrown all caution to the wind, were having fun and were living way beyond our means.”  Their extravagance came at a price with them running up a combined credit card debt of $51,000. Ironically, they were both financial services professionals, at that time, with 15 years combined experience in the industry.  So, while they were giving out advice to other people on how best to manage their finances, they weren’t doing such a good job themselves. 

Eventually, they came to the realization that their finances were spiralling out of control and they knew they had to make big changes.  They started making better financial decisions and within three years they turned their lives around and became debt free.  Now, John and David, known as the “Debt Free Guys,” are personal finance authors, bloggers, podcasters and speakers, drawing on their personal experiences and nearly 30-years combined financial services experience.  They talk about  money and the queer community with the purpose of helping others “Live Debt Free, Have Fun and #BeMoneyConscious.”  Their articles have appeared in The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Time, Motley Fool and other publications and most recently, they have become regular contributors to Forbes.  They also host a weekly podcast, Queer Money, have a YouTube show and have published three eBooks and a fourth hard-copy book called The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life.

We will be welcoming John and David to Skylight later this month to share their story and give advice on ways to break free from poor financial habits and better manage expenditure, debt and retirement plans while considering the financial nuances of the LGBT community.  They will also discuss their belief that the LGBT community can do better financially.  It is their desire to help eliminate the distractions of financial worries, to empower LGBT individuals and allies to be financially strong so that they can continue the fight for equality and add value to our society.

Interested in Morning Coffee with the Debt Free Guys?

If you are interested in hearing and putting questions to The Debt Free Guys, they will be presenting in the #SkylightPenthouse on Wednesday April 26, 2017 from 9.30 – 11 a.m.  It promises to be an exciting and lively coffee morning so we’d love to see you there.  

Limited places are available and pre-registration is required. To secure your free place, PLEASE REGISTER HERE.  Registration will close Wednesday April 26, 2017.  Please see the flyer for further information.


The Debt Free Guys are not affiliated with MML Investors Services, or its affiliated companies. The views and opinions expressed by the Debt Free Guys are their own and are not sponsored or endorsed by MML Investors Services, or its affiliated companies.


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