Veteran Frank Koran Proudly Receives Retired Flag at Skylight Ceremony


Veterans Day was ceremoniously marked this year by active duty military who retired the current U.S. flag on Skylight’s rooftop penthouse and replaced it with a new one. The ceremony, honoring veterans of this great nation, was attended by representatives from our military along with veterans and members of the student senate from our Ohio City neighborhood school, Saint Ignatius High School.  The school also kindly provided a trumpeter, Grant Gottschalk, who played “To the Colors” bugle call.

Veteran Frank Koran, who was in the U.S. Marine Corps for three years in the 1950s, was presented with the retired flag at the end of the ceremony. 

Koran, who is the grandfather of Erin Stidham who works at Skylight, said, “I really enjoyed the Veterans Day ceremony and was delighted to be invited.  It does my heart good to see active duty military and veterans being honoured in this way.  I’m very proud to receive the retired flag.  It’s on my credenza in a nice box at the moment and I’m making plans to put it on display!”

Koran added, “Back in the 50s when I was in the Marines I trained a lot of people who went to Korea and it’s an experience that hugely benefited me in life.  I was honoured to rise to sergeant within 17 months of service and I fondly remember all the friends that I made then.  It was a very different life where I got to spend 6 months off the Mediterranean so it offered me experiences I otherwise wouldn’t have had.  After retiring from service, I went back into industry and then became a teacher.  I was always able to take skills I acquired from the military to these professions.  Particularly, the skills I had developed training my fellow marines came in very useful for my teaching career. During the Veterans Day Ceremony, it was great to be able to speak to the active military who were charming.  They’re young and have young families. It’s not always easy for them and I pay them the utmost respect.”

Below is a great photo of Frank in his Marine days and Frank is also pictured below showing the flag at Thanksgiving celebration last week with his wonderful family!  Also check out some photos of the Veterans Day ceremony (the full album can be viewed on our Facebook page).


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