Why Skylight?

making it personal

It’s second nature for us to relate and engage at a personal level.  We will listen and get to know you in an in-depth way so that we understand what matters most to you in terms of your interests, goals and aspirations.  We act thoughtfully and respect your preferences so that we engage with you how you want and at the level you desire.  By making it personal, our financial planning process firmly focuses on what matters to you, your family or your business and helps you achieve the life you deserve.

Why Skylight Financial Group

So what can you expect?

  • A comprehensive and personalized financial planour highly skilled team of financial planners will work with you to identify your unique financial needs and recommend strategies based on what’s important to you now and in the future 
  • A network of specialized and integrated support - through our network of strategic alliances with attorneys, accountants, property and casualty firms, mortgage brokers and our own in-house experienced specialists we can support your unique financial needs 
  • Keeping it simple – there’s no need to be concerned about grappling with the financial jargon as our experienced financial planners will take the time to explain everything in plain English and provide you with supporting educational resources 
  • A realistic and flexible plan – as part of our ongoing relationship we will work with you every step of the way to regularly review and adapt your financial plan in response to the ever-changing financial environment and to changes in your personal circumstances 

So whatever ambitions and goals you have, whether it’s planning for a comfortable retirement, looking for the best way to transition your business or planning for a child’s future, through our personal approach we will help you plan and prepare for what lies ahead.

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Find out more about our areas of specialism: Personal Financial Planning, Special Needs Planning, Business Transition Planning, LGBT Financial Planning.

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