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As a successful executive, whose career is going well, you will want to ensure you have a joined-up financial plan which maximizes your income, bonus, and benefits in the most tax-efficient way. Yet perhaps, in our time-poor world, you find it hard to find time or energy to focus on your financial future?  Or do you worry that you are not doing enough to optimize your wealth and fear you may be losing out?


Our Executive Planning team can lighten your load and help you get a full handle on your finances and maximize your opportunities for financial growth.  Our team has many years of experience working with corporate executives at large national companies and has an in-depth understanding of benefit plans (which are becoming increasingly more complex) and how best to utilize them.

Our team will look at all aspects of your finances and educate and advise you on matters such as alternative retirement funding vehicles, gaps in your corporate benefits plan, how to maximize your assets and minimize taxes when exercising stock options, saving for college and ensuring adequate protection for you and your family.

We take a highly personalized approach to financial planning and will carefully listen to you, build a personal relationship with you and pay you great care and attention.  We will “quarterback” for you, coordinating planning efforts and tactics with attorneys, CPAs, and other advisors – no stone will be left unturned.

The result will be a comprehensive financial plan that coordinates your personal assets with your company benefits leaving you to live the life you deserve now and in retirement.

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