Your right to the life you deserve

It’s great to see progress and new doors opening regarding the legal rights and benefits for the LGBT community. However, are you still concerned that you don’t know how best to take advantage of these changes?  Or worried that you are still missing out on the tax advantages and the legal rights you are entitled to?


The experienced financial planners in our LGBT Resource Team understand your concerns and the unique financial needs of LGBT individuals, couples and their families. We will work with you to help provide a cohesive, customized financial plan addressing issues such as retirement, tax, and estate planning and work around tax and legal restrictions.

We will regularly review and adapt your plan and, by keeping on top of evolving laws, we will provide you with advice on how these changes may affect your financial situation and how to turn these to your advantage.

You will come away with sound financial strategies and feel confident that you, your partner and your family are provided for.


Supporting diversity and inclusion

With members of the LGBT community forming part of our specialist team, we understand first-hand the discrimination and alienation that you may have experienced and we will continue to fight for better understanding, inclusion, and diversity.

Our colleague, Olga Starr, in this short video clip to launch the Ohio Fairness Act, shares her experiences of discrimination.

Giving Back

Skylight's LGBT Resource team is proud to be a leader in supporting the LGBT community in Ohio for over 10 years.

Get Started! Every journey starts with a single step.