Helping to provide the best future for your child with special needs

Not knowing how your child with special needs will be cared for when you are gone is a burden that weighs heavily on many parents. We understand how difficult it is for parents to take that first step and start talking about these issues as it involves many complex and emotional decisions which can be very overwhelming.

Our team of Certified Special Needs Planning Specialists will support and guide you throughout these decisions

Our dedicated team of special needs planning specialists can support you through what is an essential and unique planning process. We will listen to your needs and concerns, help simplify issues and figure out a comprehensive financial plan for the entire life of your child.

We can help you navigate issues such as taking full advantage of government benefits and protecting your child’s eligibility, retirement planning, special needs trusts and funding options.

We are sensitive to the issues facing people with special needs as our team has individuals with special needs within their extended families or have experience of working closely with them.  And we understand the entire family dynamic.


A collaborative approach

To ensure proper life care planning, we will work with your professional advisors, your banker, lawyer, social worker, and healthcare provider to offer financial strategies to fit the needs of your situation.  We also are innovators in providing the special needs community of Ohio with access to information, a network of resources and education.

Innovators in providing the special needs community of Ohio

Advocate for Families

  • Special needs trust
  • Life care plan
  • Letter of intent
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Programs and assistance

Consult with Business

  • Executive and group benefits
  • Retirement services
  • Special needs workshops

Collaborate with Organizations

  • Planned giving programs
  • Retirement services
  • Executive and group benefits
  • Special needs workshops

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Giving Back

Skylight's Special Needs Planning team is proud to be a leader in supporting the special needs community in Ohio for over 10 years.

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