A Cool Evening of Music at the Skylight Penthouse

I recently got to enjoy my first SOFAR music experience. I was told I was in for a treat and that’s exactly what it was! And it happened at my new place of work, Skylight Financial Group, which has a glassy penthouse with stunning views of the city so what could be better.

For those of you who haven’t heard of SOFAR and haven’t a clue what I’m rambling on about, SOFAR holds intimate gigs worldwide and have been running them in Cleveland since October 2014.  These gigs almost have, what could be described as a cultish following of true music lovers. While the intimacy of the gigs is special, what’s also quite unique is that the line-ups are secret right until the moment the show starts and venue location is only revealed the day before.  There’s also a pass-the-hat action at the end where the audience can show their appreciation.

So, it was all a bit different to anything I’ve been to before but I loved it and so did my friends who came to join the fun.  The music was cool and there was such a wide range of genres.  I really liked all the bands but my favorite was Mister Moon who were quite alternative and easy to listen to.  I was interested to see how the Skylight penthouse would transform into an “intimate” venue and it really worked.  There was a lot of thought put into it, it was spaced out nice and casually with the numbers attending carefully selected so it didn’t feel too crowded.  Everyone also loved chilling out on the patio, with a beer and taking in the views.  My friends, who are from the Chicago area, had such a fun evening and were so impressed by the Cleveland music scene and our cool penthouse space really caught their eye.

For me, it was my first SOFAR experience but also my first social event in the Skylight penthouse since my former firm, Lighthouse Wealth Solutions, merged with Skylight Financial Group, only a few weeks ago.  Previously, I’ve only been part of financial education events with my firm so it was great to be involved with something different and I’m looking forward to future events that Skylight host for the community and integrating myself more in Ohio City life.  I’m from Akron and so it’s all very new and exciting to me!  I’m also looking forward to future SOFAR events – it was a memorable experience which, besides the great music, helps bring a close sense of community in this big city and I’d like to be part of that again.

Thanks Rachel for sharing!

Rachel Etters is an Associate and Financial Services Representative in our Cleveland office