A Path to Prosperity with Freeset USA

Last month, Skylight’s Charles “Coop” Cooper had the honor of attending a night of thoughtful discussion with the socioeconomic visionaries of Freeset USA. The non-profit organization is committed to eradicating modern slavery by empowering the world’s most impoverished communities with dignified work.

Empowering Global Liberty

Husband and wife team, Kerry and Annie Hilton, started Freeset back in 2001. Originally from New Zealand, the family of 6 decided to move to one of India’s most impoverished areas to live alongside the less fortunate. Upon arrival the couple discovered their new neighborhood was right in the middle of a thriving red-light district. The family started to uncover the horrific injustices of an industry that relies on human trafficking and preys on poverty-stricken females. It was here that Freeset’s global initiatives would get their start.

Skylight Joins in the Fight for Freedom

Coop began his involvement with Freeset after hearing about the organization from his wife, Cassie. After learning more, he knew that this was an organization that needed support. This was an issue that hits close to home for the Cooper family. “Many years ago, our daughter was leaving a YMCA, when a panel van pulled up next to her and tried to take her.” She was able to scare off the van and run away, but Coop has never forgotten the reality that almost was.

“Some of the things I learned about human trafficking and the slave trade were just too horrific to believe—and could have happened to our own daughter. We need to build awareness of these monstrosities to eliminate them from the world. That was the driving force behind the partnership for me.”

An Evening for Awareness
Coop with wife and freeset founders
Coop and Cassie (top left, bottom left) with members of the Freeset USA Team

The event was held at the avant-garde Fueled Collective in Cincinnati’s Midtown. Community service leaders and executives of local businesses made up a majority of the audience. The evening started with food and fellowship with Freeset representatives mingling through the crowd of curious guests. Attention then shifted to a formal panel discussion lead by the Hilton’s.

The Hilton’s went on to demonstrate the positive impact their program has had on the lives of their workforce. The audience was absolutely moved by the hearts of these people and the passion behind what they are doing. Coop mentioned that, “Hearing the stories of former human slaves and sex workers being able to pull themselves out of a bad situation and take control of their lives again was just incredible. Freeset Understands that the whole purpose of success in business is to better the communities you engaged with.”

The Results

Freeset ended up raising $30,000 from that event alone. Coop attributed the success of the event to Freeset’s amazing cause, and the effective use of their resources. “They are not just looking for handouts. Freeset has created a thorough action plan to change the lives of these people and fuel their mission human liberty, something I believe everyone in attendance that night saw for themselves.”

For more information on Freeset, visit their global homepage here.

Coop’s dedication to community and global citizenship continues to inspire those around him. You can find out more about Coop on his bio page.