Jason Dimaculangan: Celebrating Cultural Diversity and Cuisine

Growing up in a “clashing culture,” Jason Dimaculangan, Financial Advisor in Skylight’s Cincinnati office, found it very difficult being born and raised in America while at the same time being raised with the values and culture of the Philippines. Jason’s parents are first generation physicians that immigrated from the Philippines in the 1970’s. There were very few Filipino families in the Cincinnati community during the 70’s and 80’s, but those families had a very strong cohesive influence on how their American born children were going to be raised. Growing up in a predominantly Caucasian Cincinnati society, made a huge impact on what Jason was going to do in the future.

Fast forward to today, Jason has made it a point to help educate, foster, and promote ethnic/cultural awareness. When it comes to cultural diversity awareness and sensitivity, he has spearheaded or been involved with many of the Asian-American communities in Cincinnati. The highlight of it all is that our very own financial advisor will be the emcee of the Asian Food Festival in downtown Cincinnati for the 2nd year in a row (check out photos below from last year). Thousands of people (30,000 last year) from the Greater Cincinnati area flock downtown for this annual event to get a taste of different Asian foods, culture, and performances. This event takes place May 12 and May 13, 2018 in Washington Park.

All of this was made possible because of Jason’s involvement in the Filipino and Asian American community. He is currently the longest-tenured board member of FASO (Filipino-American Association of Southern Ohio) serving for 18 years. For 6 of those years, he served as president during an 8-year span. He is one of the founding and honorary board members of the ACA (Asian Community Alliance). Jason is one of the current coordinators of FACPA (Filipino-American Cultural Performing Arts) which has performed Filipino cultural dances at over 9 different schools this year, at Asian Food Fest for a number of years, at the APA Picnic which is a conglomeration of Asian employees of Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, Fifth Third Bank, University of Cincinnati, and NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals). As the PTO president for Sycamore Middle Schools, Jason was able to hold their first-ever Cultural Celebration Night.

Jason ended up marrying a Philippine-born spouse, which he actually thought he would never do, and they have 2 young children (11 and 6 years old). It has been important for him to make sure his children and others do not grow up in the same insensitive environment he did.

Check out some great photos below of Jason in action.

About Jason Dimaculangan: Jason Dimaculangan, based in Cincinnati, is a veteran financial advisor with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.  His overall personal and professional mantra is to be a M.I.L.L. (Make an Impact and Leave a Legacy) which is the driving force of why he chose to be in this profession.   Jason’s commitment to service transcends the same commitment he has towards his work. Just as he goes over and beyond for his community, he does the same for his clients.