Powering Up Hungry Kids

There’s a fantastic culture of volunteering here at Skylight and last week it was the turn of us, young financial professionals in Cincinnati, to pitch in and do our bit to help our community.  Noah Henson, Kyle Van Balen and myself found out about a foodbank event online and thought it looked like a great opportunity to help kids in need.  So, we turned up at the Freestore Food Bank in Cincinnati and for two hours we worked in a team, with other volunteers, to assemble and package 722 “Power Packs”.  These packs, which contained nearly a dozen easy to prepare, shelf-stable and nutritional food items, are prepared weekly and then distributed to kids in low income schools.  The kids receive the packs on Fridays before they leave school to ensure they don’t go hungry at the weekend and can come back to school on Monday nourished and ready to learn.

It was our first time being involved in a Foodbank and it was a great event and it gave us a fantastic feeling to be involved and meet other community members!  We had some fun and laughs but we also learnt about the reality of childhood poverty and about the vital work of the Freestore Foodbank which serves 87,400 children, in 20 counties, who aren’t always sure where they will get their next meal.   It was great to be part of their efforts and good to know that we can help give these children something that we enjoy and take for granted every day – good food!  We can’t wait to do it again!