Skylight Strengthens Its Partnership with Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club

Skylight Financial Group is strengthening its support of the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club through an extensive partnership package. The Club, which is the longest running young professional association in Northeast Ohio, aims to enrich the lives of young professionals (YPs) and foster the future leaders of our City.  It is an independent, open and inclusive group, with a diverse membership which touches the lives of more than 1,000 young professionals through its programs on an annual basis.

Skylight will help support the Club’s networking, social and educational events such as the highly successful CEO dinners, its annual beer tasting event and speed networking.

Mark Owens, chief marketing officer at Skylight said, “We have enjoyed an excellent partnership with the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club for several years and we want to strengthen our support and commitment to our thriving community of young professionals in North East Ohio.  The Club opens so many amazing opportunities for YPs to meet up, get connected and get involved.  But it does so much more.  These YPs value helping each other and are passionate about Cleveland and the power of young people to create positive change in Cleveland and beyond.  They are the future of our city.”

“Skylight Financial Group is one of those rare organizations in Cleveland that shares our passion for the city, believes in investing in the future and the young professionals in our city.  Having an organization like Skylight work so closely has added tremendous value to our membership.  The events we have partnered with Skylight have always been a huge success and we are excited about strengthening our relationship with Skylight and providing mutual value.” said Mark Vondrak, Networking Director of the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club.