Skylight Welcomes New Associate Managing Director Jonathan Mardis

Skylight Financial Group is pleased to announce that Jonathan Mardis MBA, has joined our Cincinnati office as an Associate Managing Director.  Jonathan has worked in the financial services industry for 16 years, advancing quickly through the ranks as a leader of teams of advisors, a trusted financial advisor, and a perennial sales leader with a diversified achievement record.

Enterprising Leadership

Throughout his career, he has demonstrated enterprising leadership. He has created fast-growing start-ups, turned failing offices into thriving and passionate ones, tore down his primary residence and built two one-million-dollar investment properties, built a residential mortgage lending firm of 27 employees from scratch, and raised $150,000 in venture capital to create a correspondent lending platform.

Passion for Connecting and Helping People

Jonathan will bring to Skylight a passion for connecting and helping people.  He thrives on building deep personal relationships with team members and clients, which extends far beyond the traditional role of the financial advisor.  He is highly resourceful and possesses an innate hunger to learn more so that he can do his utmost to help people and organizations achieve their financial goals.

Mike Connole, Managing Partner of Skylight Financial Group, said, “We are very excited that Jonathan has joined our firm.  His tremendous business acumen coupled with his first-rate leadership, interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills, make him a great asset to co-lead and grow our Cincinnati office. As a connector of people, Jonathan has a unique ability to figure out people, bring them together and form a winning team. While he is very focused and driven, he always remains true to his goal of helping others.”

On joining Skylight, Jonathan said, “I’m delighted to join Skylight.  I live by the motto to seek first to understand, then to be understood.  In this way, I feel I can make an impact in Skylight by being an effective communicator, relationship builder, leader, mentor, and decision maker.  I’m excited to be joining a dynamic and growing firm whose culture aligns with my values. Skylight is a firm that cares about each person as an individual, has a strong sense of teamwork and creates a family-like environment. These are values that I find hugely appealing.”

Jonathan and his wife Rachel have been together for 20+ years and reside in Anderson Township. They are the proud parents of three children.  His family and his church are important to him and help Jonathan strike a balance between work and downtime.

Jonathan can be reached by email or by phone at 513.698.1338 or 859.380.2798.

Jonathan Mardis is a registered representative of and offer securities and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services, LLC, member SIPC. Supervisory address: 3825 Edwards Road, Suite 210, Cincinnati, OH 45209.