Stradley Comforts Families at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Broc and the Comfort CartEvery year, Financial Planner Broc Stradley finds a new volunteering mission to get behind. Last year Broc efforts went towards coaching a YMCA youth basketball team, an opportunity that made him realize how much he enjoyed working with children. “This year I wanted to find another volunteer position that allowed me to be a positive force for kids in my community”, said Broc.

Stradley would find that next opportunity at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. For the last several months Broc has been spending his time manning the hospital’s “Comfort Cart”, one of the many programs the hospital puts on to lend a helping hand to their patients. “For children and families facing medical issues, there isn’t usually a lot of time to prepare for everything they will need in a day— or even a week”, mentioned Broc. “The comfort cart is here to offer complimentary items to support people in times like these.”

Broc on a bike ride with his niece and nephews
Broc Spending time with his niece and nephews

The Cart offers families toiletry items, snacks, drinks and even small gifts! Every week Broc pushes the Comfort Cart floor to floor to pass out items to those in need. He has seen firsthand the everyday battles these children must face, “but something as simple as a snack or a puzzle to work on brightens their day instantly.”

For Broc, being able to work with children is its own reward, “I have 3 nephews and a niece in Columbus, and the work I do at the Hospital reminds me to cherish the time I have with them and appreciate the little things.” Stradley looks forward to continuing his efforts at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and encourages all Cincinnati residents to find a way to get involved with their programs.

Thanks, Broc!

You can learn more about Financial Planner Broc Stradley by visiting his bio page and be sure to check out Cincinnati Children’s Website for more information on volunteer opportunities