Planning Team’s Holistic Approach to Helping and Engaging with Clients

Being able to help their clients in all realms of their financial lives is the mission of a team of financial planners (David Clarke, Bruce DeBoer, Shane Edwards, Chris Heerdegen, Bob Ruff, and Rich Wurst) based in Skylight’s Toledo office.  Over their combined careers they have organized numerous events to help their clients. While some events have been focused solely on helping improve their clients’ financial knowledge, others have addressed topics as diverse as cybercrime, self-defense and preparing for an enjoyable retirement.

“We want to go beyond the traditional role of a financial planner who only gives financial advice.  We take a more holistic, relationship-driven approach to these events.  We care for our clients like friends and want to add value to their lives beyond their financial needs,” said Shane Edwards, Financial Planner.  “In today’s world of mass communication, spending time face-to-face with our clients is vital.”

Teaming up with external coaches and instructors who are experts in their field is part and parcel of these events. For the Cybercrime session, an FBI Special Agent was brought in to share some very critical insights about this hot topic and passed on tips on how to prevent personal breaches. Chris Heerdegen, Financial Planner at the Skylight’s Toledo office, said, “So far this year we have organized a good mix of educational and client appreciation events and have received very positive feedback. We had 45 clients at the “Cyber Crime and Social Engineering” event and the crowd was thoroughly engaged and had an extensive Q&A after the 60-minute presentation.  Our clients are grateful for these learning opportunities.”

The team has also worked with a retirement coach and a self-defense instructor to enhance personal well-being. David Clarke, Financial Planner added, “Not only do these events help teach our clients valuable skills, they also allow us to solidify relationships with our clients.  In these informal events, we find out more about our clients likes and dislikes and what they care about.  They also get to know us better and this deepens our connection.”

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David T. Clarke, Bruce DeBoer, Shane Edwards, Christopher Heerdegen, Robert Ruff and Richard Wurst are registered representatives of and offers securities and investment advisory services and financial planning through MML Investors Services, LLC, member SIPC. Supervisory address: 1760 Manley Rd, Maumee, OH 43537, 419-893-9759