Women Finding Opportunity in Financial Planning – Is this the Career for You?

It’s no secret that financial planning remains one of the most male-dominated industries in our country. However, are things starting to change as we see more high-profile female planners take the stage or as we see more women seek out female planners for advice?

Here we chat with Kris Click, Director of Recruitment, based in Skylight’s Columbus office, who explains why some women are finding that a career in financial planning is the perfect fit for them.

What makes women good financial planners and why is this career particularly suited to them?

I believe women tend to have a softer side when it comes to being patient and listening. They also tend to look at the bigger picture and are more in tune with emotions. These characteristics appeal to a certain client base (particularly with female clients, LGBT and special needs) so we are seeing an increase in demand for female financial planners, with their unique skill set.

We are also noticing a trend that women are often more decisive than men when it comes to making financial decisions and are increasingly taking over the role of being the financial decision maker in households. This places women in a really good position to be able to transfer these skills to a financial planning role. It also helps being in the minority, as it makes women stand out and automatically differentiates them.

Finally, regardless of gender, the work is hugely rewarding. Being able to help improve the financial future of others makes it a very attractive career choice.

Why would this career suit a woman thinking of returning to work having taken time out to raise children?

Raising children is a very honorable and challenging job, but returning to the workforce and re-establishing your own identity is just as difficult.  The world is constantly changing, technology is constantly upgraded, and then there is the reality of competing with college students.

However, becoming a financial planner opens the doors for all kinds of opportunities including flexibility, job security, and financial stability. Returning to the workplace with experience in family-based needs, financial management, and the importance of retirement planning, places women at a distinct advantage in relating with their clientele.

Sometimes women are put off from returning to work as they feel their skills and qualifications are outdated. However, at Skylight, we attach the highest importance to having the right mindset and don’t see a lack of qualification as a barrier. If the person is right for the job, then we will help them get their qualifications.

How does Skylight Financial Group support women?

We are committed to educating, cultivating and empowering women.  We do an excellent job in training new recruits so that they have every opportunity to succeed and reach their goals. Men and women are equally treated and respected throughout the work place.

Thanks Kris for sharing with us.